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The (Alleged) Poisoning
of Sergei Skripal

By Vince Milum, J.D., MBA, CPCU, ARM
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Updated Post 5 (April 5, 2018):

Former British Intelligence Agent Confirms Vince Milum's Original Analysis of Skripal Affair

Former British Intelligence Agent, Annie Machon, appeared on the RT television network* on Wednesday, April 4th, and (at the 21:34 mark) confirmed what Vince Milum wrote in our initial report on the Skripal Affair on March 15th.  Here is what Vince wrote at the time:

"As basically a 'defector' to the British, Sergei Skripal's safety was entrusted to Great Britain's MI-5 and MI-6. How (or better Why) did these two elite security forces 'allow' this to happen?"

Further, former counter-terrorism officer with the British Army, Charles Shoebridge, confirmed (at the 10:38 mark) what Vince Milum wrote (on March 15th) regarding Theresa May and the British Government having Both MOTIVE and MEANS to commit the crime themselves (see Vince's original essay for details).
Here is the video of Annie and others on RT (note: this video was taped BEFORE Boris Johnson was internationally exposed as a pathological liar):


In addition to the important RT Crosstalk debate* (shown above), below are some important updates regarding the Lies told by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (and others) on behalf of the criminal government of Theresa May and her illegal collaborators in the United States, the European Union, and elsewhere.  (*While Western Governments are increasingly censoring RT, in our opinion, RT has been providing the best coverage of the Skripal Affair to date.)



Copyright © 2018.  All rights reserved.